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Adapted from his award-winning and best-selling short film of the same name, Geoff received funding for the first draft of the "TEN" feature script from la Conseil des arts et des lettres du Quebec. Telefilm came on board in 2009 to support the development of the script to 2nd draft, and in 2010 to take the script to 3rd draft.

An absurd dark comedy, the film follows the main character Billy, and his rocky relationship with his disfunctional and obsessed family, in the small town of Epiphanie as the everyone becomes slowly, tragically and hilariously addicted to Billy's unbelievable new-found talent- The Ecstasy Note.

To find out more about this project, contact us for a copy of the short film The Ecstasy Note.



Story by Geoffrey Uloth and Jean-François Da Sylva La Rue, written by Geoffrey Uloth, and produced with Vito Balenzano (Jack & Ella, Pure), Dead Tired has been supported for development by Telefilm Canada, The Harold Greenberg Fund and SODEC. Conceived in a nightmare and written in an ancient mansion, this is the film that horror and thriller fans have been waiting for. You have never seen a story like this.

Jack, a child-protection psychologist, receives an unmarked envelope in the mail. Inside are Polaroid photos of someone being anonymously tortured. The next day he gets another, this time with photos even more disturbing. His girlfriend, Beth, convinces him to go to the police, but it could just be a hoax. A final terrifying envelope reveals the identity of the person being tortured-

It is Jack himself. And he doesn't remember any of it.

Now, hunted by a madman, and haunted by reemerging memories of a childhood filled with pain and torment, Jack and Beth are drawn back to his childhood home to face a twisted, lidless fear hiding in the walls- A familiar entity that wants to restart a terrifying practice that could save Jack, but might lead Beth to a fate worse then death.



"Dear Parker, thank you so much for this engagement ring. But I still feel the same. I hope you'll forgive me someday. Love, Samantha. P.S. I hope you can get a refund."

This is the note, attached to a tiny-but-earnest engagement ring, that aspiring actor Parker French receives on the day his whole life goes to hell. Devastated by heartache, Parker's self-esteem is in the toilet and he can't bring himself to even speak to another girl. To make matters worse, he's broke, unemployed and his cat is sick. Then fate gives him a gift... or so it seems. His bank makes an error- $12 Million in his account that shouldn't be there. With the help of his accountant friend, Dave, Parker decides to make the biggest gamble of his life- invest the money for a week and keep the interest. If he pulls it off he'll have enough money to start life over again. If only it was that easy...

The first draft of this project has been funded by Canada Council for the Arts.



Ten months after the sudden death of her daughter, an executive at a pharmaceutical corporation battling a class-action lawsuit worth billions must unravel the perfect set-up when she is framed for the murder of her husband.



Told in overlapping stories, Gunbaby is a dark comedy centered on the controversial party thrown by its controversial host, Alvin. Alvin's "Abortion Party" celebrates the date on which, if it were not for the timely intervention of a car crash while on the way to the abortion clinic, Alvin's mother would have had him aborted. Now in his mid-twenties, estranged from his injured Mother, and a pain to anyone who dares be his friend, Alvin sets out to prove to the world that nothing is for certain, even love. As the evening unfolds, the event, and the sinister world outside, take unexpected turns which lands everyone in the hospital wondering how they got there. Will Alvin figure it out, or will he become his own worst victim?


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