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May 2014

Geoff joined Cyril Chauquet in Cuba to film the latest episode of The Fishing Adventurer with Cyril Chauquet. It was a fun and exciting shoot. Stay tuned for the finished episode, which will air on Canal Evasion this fall and on Travel & Escape in the new year.

March 2014

Geoff has signed on to direct, write and post-supervise fifteen episodes of The Fishing Adventurer with Cyril Chauquet on Travel & Escape (Mordu du la pÍche in french on Canal Evasion).

January 2014

Anthony Lemke has moved his family back to the lovely city of Toronto and will continue to pursue acting and producing in both Ontario and Québec. Geoff is planning on joining him part-time (with a view to a permanent move from Montréal) in order to expand operations into the Toronto market.

November 2013

Geoff joined Oscar-winning director Malcolm Clarke and his team for a three-week trip around the US shooting Malcolm's new feature documentary about China, tentatively entitled Game Theory. It was a great trip and we interviewed some very interesting people, cultural figures and political power-brokers all.

October 2013

WE WON 3RD PLACE! Geoff traveled to Los Angeles this week to attend the 2013 Slamdance Screenplay Competition awards ceremony at the WGA headquarters in Hollywood and- yeehaw!- Dead Tired WON 3rd PLACE in the horror category! That's out of 250 screenplays. We also kept our top 13 spot out of over 2500 scripts! Congrats again to the team! While there Geoff also met with old friends; director Sanjay Sharma of Red Mercury, producer Miri Yoon at Paramount Pictures, and writer Jeff Blatt (living the life in Venice Beach), to discuss future projects.

September 2013

Dead Tired just made the FINALS in the 2013 Slamdance Screenplay Competition! That means it's in the top 13 scripts out of over 2500! Geoff will attend the awards ceremony in October. This is getting interesting...

August 2013

Dead Tired just made the semi-finals in the 2013 Slamdance Screenplay Competition! That means it's in the top 25 scripts out of over 2500! Congrats to the team! Let's see where this goes...

April 2013

Geoff just returned from India and Bangladesh on Tiger, Tiger only to pack up and leave again, this time to Kuwait with the Pixcom team for the highly-rated History Network show, Canadian Restorers. We are following The Guild owner David Grainger for the unveiling of his beautiful recreation of the Bugatti Aerolithe Coupe. The Kuwaitis treat us like kings.... when they aren't leaving us waiting for hours. Still, it's been a great trip and I've learned a lot about classic cars and the middle east. For instance, I spoke with one gentleman, a Caliph, who couldn't remember how many Ferraris and Mercedes he owns. When I asked him how he could forget that, he said "Well, I haven't been in that corner of the garage in a while."

March 2013

Geoff is travelling aboard the M.V. Paramhamsa with George Butler and the crew of Tiger, Tiger, exploring the mangrove forests of the Sunderbans in both India and Bangladesh this month. This is a place of contrasts; it's often tranquil, noisy, stressful, friendly, hostile, epic, crisp, polluted, lush and barren all at the same time. Somewhere in these forests lurk the last remaining wild tigers of the Sunderbans. The Indians and Bengalis have been amazing and so helpful. The highlights have been meeting and photographing an old woman whose son was attacked by a tiger (luckily he survived), walking the length of Kalash Beach just before sunrise with George Butler while listening to excited whispers on the walkie that "a tiger is killing a deer just beyond those trees!", floating down-river in a small boat at night with Keero, Abhish and our Bengali guide Rimon as the water glowed green with phosphorescent plankton and the trees danced with mating fire-flies... and of course the now-ritual sunset cigars and whiskey with Alan Rabinowitz and Tom Hurwitz on the front deck before the moquitos descend like tiny vampires. Please check out my photos from the trip, posted here:

February 2013

Geoff traveled to NYC this week with producer Keero Birla, production manager Abhish Birla, and key grip Claude Fortin, to meet legendary documentary director George Butler (Pumping Iron) and the rest of the crew on the up-coming feature documentary shoot Tiger, Tiger, filming in New York, India and Bangladesh in March, 2013. Geoff is the 1st AD on the shoot, and the meeting went very well. It's definitely going to be an adventure! The rest of the crew is: Tom Hurwitz (DOP), Peter Miller (Sound recordist), Matt Porwoll, (1st AC), Jenni Morello, (2nd AC), Matt Schroeder (DIT), Neil Oakshot (Steadicam), Karine Bougie (Assistant Steadicam), Dionys Frei and Davide Tiraboschi of Dedicam, and the renowned big-cat conservationist, Alan Rabinowitz.

June 2012

Just completed the first draft of All's Well That Ends with the support of SODEC and The Canada Council for the Arts! Work continues on Dead Tired and The Ecstasy Note....

On a personal note... Geoff has just purchased a condo in the 400 Dowd development in the International Quarter of Montréal.

February 2012

Geoff will be joining Eyesteel Film and Director Yung Chang on Fruit Hunters- two episodes of The Nature Of Things for CBC.

January 2012

The third draft of The Ecstasy Note is complete. Whew... what a long haul. Thanks for all the encouragement and guidance everyone.

And congrats to the graduating class of Trebas Institute 2012! Good work!

December 2011

Happy holidays, everyone!

August 2011

The third draft of Dead Tired is done. Financed by Telefilm Canada, the Harold Greenberg Fund and SODEC. Congrats to Vito, JF and the team! It is being read by the script consultants now. Shooting is planned for fall 2013.

July 2011

Geoff has received financing SODEC for the first draft of All's Well That Ends! Writing will commence once the other scripts have been finished. Who knows when that will be...

May 2011

Geoff is with the American Pavillion at the Cannes Film Festival in France this month.

Writing continues on Dead Tired. The script is getting tighter... and creepier...

April 2011

Geoff has received funding from The Canada Council for the Arts to write the feature screenplay, All's Well That Ends. Based on personal experiences taken to fantastical, outrageous places, this could get interesting...

November 2010

We are happy to announce that Geoff has receieved financing from Telefilm Canada for the second to third draft phase of The Ecstasy Note feature script. It is due to be finished in July 2011.

Also, the music video for the song Soy Panamericano, from the album Soy Panamericano by The Roberto Lopez Project, has been completed! Just in time for Roberto Lopez's nomination for a Juno! Congrats Roberto! CLICK HERE to watch the video!

August 2010

The music video has been shot for the song Soy Panamericano, from the album Soy Panamericano by The Roberto Lopez Project. Congratulations to the whole team! Great work! Post production will begin soon.

July 2010

Geoff and Jean-Francois have just finished the 2nd draft of Dead Tired. The draft was supported by Telefilm Canada, The Harold Greenberg Fund, and SODEC.

April 2010

Evergon Arts has received funding from MaxFACT to produce a music video for the song Soy Panamericano, from the album Soy Panamericano by The Roberto Lopez Project, awarded BEST LATIN CD 2009 by the Indie Acoustic Project. Bravo team! It is going to be a fun shoot and a great video.

Geoff has just returned from a writing trip to Sydney, Australia. Down Under is an amazing place, mate! More surfing than writing, but what are you gonna do? You only live once.

Geoff and Anthony are happy to report that the first draft of their thriller screenplay, Lies After Death, has been completed! Lies After Death follows Kate Garrett as she tries to evade death and clear her name after her husband and best friend are murdered.

February 2010

The 2nd draft of Dead Tired is completed! It was difficult, but I am happy with the results. It's going to be a pretty twisted, creepy movie if we get it right. Geoff.

Great news! AMONG FRIENDS and ONE LAST DANCE are both screening at the Rendez-vous du Cinéma Québècois. The time and dates can be found on their website here: RVCQ. Evergon Arts is getting its name and material out into the world.

December 2009

Geoff just completed the four day training session as part of his participation in Telefilm Canad'a Feature It! Program for his project THE ECSTASY NOTE. The group of writers assembled there was fantastic and it was an interesting and informative time, with many veteran guest speakers, including Peter Saraf (Little Miss Sunshine) and Kevin Tierney (Bon Cop, Bad Cop). Now it is time to write.

October 2009

THE ECSTASY NOTE feature screenplay has been supported by Telefilm Canada's Feature It! Program. That makes two project we've developed through this program- Dead Tired and now The Ecstasy Note. Obviously, we are big fans of it. Keep up the great work Telefilm! The man with the singing fork in his hand will gain an even wider audience thanks to you!

September 2009

The Montreal World Film Festival screening of Among Friends went great! The audience response was fantastic (and a little awkward at times. Awesome). Thank you to everyone who showed their support by coming out and seeing the film, and congratulations to the cast and crew for making it happen. We would also like to thank the Montreal World Film Festival for the opportunity to screen our film for a Montreal audience in a first-class venue.

August 2009

AMONG FRIENDS is finished and has been accepted into the Montreal World Film Festival! So, the world premiere of our film will be in its hometown. Please check the festival schedule for screenings. Congratulations to the cast and crew. I would also like to thank Marie-Christine Guité, Johanne Bergeron and Luc Léger at the NFB, along with Christophe David and Thibault Galbois at Vision Globale. Without all of you, we wouldn't have finished the film. Great work! Hope to see you there!

July 2009

GREAT NEWS! DEAD TIRED has been supprted for the second draft stage by both SODEC and The Harold Greenberg Fund. Jean-François and Geoff will begin writing the third week of July.

ONE LAST DANCE has been sold to Shorts International UK!

In other news, post production is moving along on AMONG FRIENDS, with our sound editor Carrie Haber and our music supervisor Chris Tauchner paving the way.

June 2009

We are pleased to announce that AMONG FRIENDS has recieved the support of the National Film Board of Canada (NFB). More specifically, the Filmmaker Assistance Program at the NFP. We will be finishing the film there.

A new IKEA spec commercial is up. Check it out!

April 2009

More good news. THE ECSTASY NOTE has been picked up by CANAL+ in France. Soon Europe will be taken over by the man with the singing fork! Thank you to our distributor, Locomotion, for making it happen.

February 2009

Geoff is very pleased to report that the fine cut of AMONG FRIENDS has been completed, and initial test screenings of the film have gone well. Thank you to all the generous people who gave their time to see the film and provide feedback. It was a very rewarding and helpful experience. Post-production will continue and we've set a release date of April 2009 for the finished film.

January 2009

We are happy to report that the first draft of DEAD TIRED has been completed! Thank you to our producer Vito Balenzano and to everyone who followed our writing trip and for all your support. Stay tuned for more updates as the project continues through the development process.

Also- ONE LAST DANCE is officially FINISHED! The producers and director would like to give everyone involved a big heart-felt thank you. It is a special project and we couldn't have made it without the skill and dedication of our cast and crew, as well as the post-production people at Vision Globale here in Montreal. Thank you.

December 2008

The writing continues on DEAD TIRED. The writers, Jean-Francois and Geoff (along with the intrepid cat explorer known among humans as "Rupert"), have moved from New Harbour in Nova Scotia to a cottage in Ste-Anne-Des-Lacs near St. Sauveur, just north of Montreal. Things are moving along with the script- to date they have written 35 pages and hope to have it finished by Christmas. To check out their progress on our DEAD TIRED webpage, CLICK HERE.

November 2008

DEAD TIRED is about to leap forward in a big and interesting way. The writers, Geoffrey Uloth and Jean-François DaSylva LaRue, are taking the adventurous step (perhaps the extreme step) of driving 18 hours to Nova Scotia, specifically to a 100 year-old house in a tiny coastal town called New Harbour, in the effort to bring as much authenticity and creepy inspiration as human feasible to the writing of the first draft of their script. For two weeks they, along with Geoff's cat Rupert, will live in less-than five-star conditions. For instance, there is no running water, just a basin for washing and a wood-stove to heat the water. There are no toilets, only a rotten and collapsed out-house, so the boys may have to get creative (that should be interesting). 15 amp glass fuses are used in the house, so they can't run their hair-dryers at the same time. Poor Geoff. The are bringing their laptops, a video projector, and more horror DVDs than anyone should watch if they prefer life as a sane person not prone to knawing on their fellow human beings or finding the idea of sunshine abhorrent. Rupert may emerge the sole-standing pillar of reason and continance. We wish them a wonderful, spooky and highly productive trip. For a list of the films they are bringing with them, please click HERE.

September 2008

We are excited to announce that the HAROLD GREENBERG FUND has committed its support for the development of our feature screenplay DEAD TIRED. A heart-pounding story about a psychologist who receives a series of chilling Polaroids that lead him and his fiancée on a nightmarish journey into a childhood best forgotten, DEAD TIRED was also supported last year by Telefilm Canada and their Feature IT! program.

Editing has started on AMONG FRIENDS. Produced by Nicole Braber and Barbara Campbell, the film will be edited by Geoff and it will be fun to see if he can make sense of all that over-lapping dialogue.

July 2008

We are pleased to announce that the sound edit and mix has been completed on ONE LAST DANCE! Claude Chevallier worked long and hard on the project to bring his and director Richard Lehun's vision to the film. With the support of the NFB, the sound design took shape last month and the film was finally mixed this week by master NFB mixers, Serge Boivin and Shelly Craig. It's interesting to note that Shelly mixed the film Evergon and Serge mixed The Ecstasy Note, both for Geoffrey Uloth. The film sounds fantastic. Good work everyone!

June 2008

ONE LAST DANCE has entered the sound editing stage in the capable and talented hands of long-time National Film Board of Canada sound designer Claude Chevallier. Good luck, Claude!

March 2008

THE ECSTASY NOTE trailer is finally up. CLICK HERE to check it out. I hope you enjoy it. -Geoff.

February 2008

The AMONG FRIENDS trailer is up on the FILMS page of our website. CHECK IT OUT!

THE ECSTASY NOTE short has just been bought by Moviola! Congrats to the cast and crew and especially to the film's distributor, LOCOMOTION DISTRIBUTION in montreal.

January 2008

Geoffrey Uloth is visiting the west coast for a couple of months, working on his screenplays DEAD TIRED (for Telefilm Canada with Jean-Francois Da Sylva-La Rue), THE ECSTASY NOTE (for CALQ), and an untitled project with Montreal filmmaker Sanjay Sharma.

After several months of editing, the picture cut of ONE LAST DANCE is finally finished! It looks great. Frank Kruse in Germany will now take up the reins for the sound edit.

AMONG FRIENDS is now in post-production, with editor Greg Kaufman tackling the tricky talkie.

November 2007

Evergon Arts, along with producers Nicole Braber and Barbara Campbell, began production on its latest short film entitled AMONG FRIENDS. The shoot went great and was a wonderful success. Congratulations to the whole team!

Geoffrey Uloth and his co-writer Jean-Francois Da Sylva-La Rue, were invited to attend the Telefilm Canada FeatureIT! program with their horror/thriller screenplay DEAD TIRED. The program, featuring lectures by such industry professionals as Alex Epstein, Carolyn Mamchur, Kevin Tierney and Michel Shane, is an initiative to help nurture emerging English writers in Quebec.

July 2007


THE ECSTASY NOTE wins BEST INDEPENDENT COMEDY at the 2007 Niagara Independent Film Festival. Congratulations to the cast, crew and all the investors. Great work!

February 2007

THE ECSTASY NOTE has screened on both CBC and at the Rendez-vous de Cinema Quebecois. Each screening was a success and the response has been fantastic. Thank you to everyone who wished us well and watched the film.

February 2007

Shooting has just wrapped on ONE LAST DANCE, and it went wonderfully. The film stars Anthony Lemke, Caroline Dhavernas, Dorothee Berryman, Renee Girard and Danny Gilmore. It was a three day shoot which included two days at the Angus House, the same location used in Wildflowers/Les fleurs sauvages. Saturday, Feb. 3rd was an especially exciting day, as it included 35 extras dressed in period costumes and dancing the Lindy Hop and Charleston to the romping music of The Dixie Band who came to the set ready to knock 'em dead. They did and it was quite an experience. Geoff, the other filmmakers, and Evergon Arts would like to thank the incredible crew and everyone involved for helping make the shoot such an enjoyable experience. Thank You.

October 2006

SODEC has just approved financing for "One Last Dance," the first short film to be made at EVERGON ARTS written and directed by someone other than Geoffrey Uloth. The film will be shot at the end of January 2007. It is set to star Karine Vanasse and its writer Anthony Lemke, and will be helmed by director Richard Lehun. Geoffrey Uloth will be producing.

September 2006

The Ecstasy Note screened in Toronto at the Toronto International Film Festival this week and what a fantastic screening it was. The response was incredible and the question period afterward was interesting. As if to hammer home the effect the film had on viewers, a woman in the audience fainted during one of the more intense scenes. I guess the violence in the film is not for everyone, but hey, it shows that the film was working well for at least one person! If you are the woman who fainted, please contact us. We'd like to hear about your experience and get your feedback. Geoff and Agata.

August 2006

Geoff Received a CALQ grant to write the feature version of THE ECSTASY NOTE. Writing began in the spring of 2007.

July 23 2006

The short film, THE ECSTASY NOTE, premiered at the FANTASIA FILM FESTIVAL in Montreal today. The screening was a great success, with many of the cast and crew on hand to lend their support, including Agata De Santis, Holly O'Brien, Mark Camacho, Andi State, Sarah Gravel, Jean-Francois Dasylva, Don Jordan, Claire Brosseau, Cha Cha DaVinci, Andrew Simms and many more.


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